What To Look For In A Decent Streaming Stick

What To Look For In A Decent Streaming Stick? If you are looking to expand the amount of media that you have access to on your TV but you are limited in the amount of room you have or you want save as much money as possible a good streaming stick can help.

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On this page we are going to give you our recommendation for a streaming stick and also explain what they do.

Quite simply a streaming stick works a bit like one of those freeview boxes is that you can get. A few years ago people were buying up these freeview boxes as an alternative to cable TV which would cost a lot per month.

Although you did not get as many channels you did get it all for free.

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Moving along several years later and there are a lot of services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime etc… that allow you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. What a good streaming stick does is plug into a free HDMI port on your TV and it will allow you to stream all of these services for your TV so you get access to a wide range of media.

The any difference with streaming stick as opposed to buying a streaming media box is that they will normally not be quite as powerful but the pros come in because they are quite cheap.

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We recommend that when you are shopping for a streaming stick you have a look at the services that are offered and bear in mind that if Google is offering a streaming stick for instance, they will want you to use Google services such as Chrome.

The same thing is applicable for the Amazon fire TV stick where a lot of their services are Amazon owned and for the movies you can use Amazon prime.

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You will also be able to access other services but it is made slightly trickier – so a good thing to do is look at the sort of services you want to use first before you pick stick.

You can check out this website and see an article that will tell you which stick is the best between the Chromecast and the Amazon fire TV stick.

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We recommend that you check out the Amazon fire TV stick because it has been receiving very good reviews and is also very cheap at about $40!

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