UPDATE: 3D & Sound Quality on the Samsung F9000 4K TV

When we tested the Samsung F9000 series UHD TV last month, we ran into some issues with the 3D, but since we tested it in-store, we couldn’t go more in-depth right there. Now Samsung has sent us an F9000 of our own, so we went ahead and re-tested the 3D and, while we were at it, we checked out the speakers’ frequency response curve.

samsung-ue65f9000_1380727297_300x300Samsung UE65F9000

samsung-ue65f9000_1380727297_300x300Samsung UE55F9000


The 3D

The 3D we saw this time was better than the unit we tested in the store. Those synchronisation problems between the TV and the glasses have completely disappeared. Unfortunately, there’s still crosstalk. Even with those synching problems gone, the 3D image quality is still a good notch below the Samsung F6000F7000 and F8000 series’ 3D.

Samsung-f9000_3D-ghost (1)

In some shots we saw reverse ghosting, circled here in red. With all these doubled images and overlapping shots muddling the 3D image, we’re giving the F9000 only three out of five stars for 3D image quality. Sorry, Samsung.

The Sound Quality


We looked at the frequency response curve, and it confirms our initial impressions. The sound quality is okay—not terrible, not amazing. The best part about it is that the sound is dispersed forward instead of downwards, making it more intelligible. The mids and low-mids are nothing like what you get on Sony’s 4K TV, the Bravia X9. Fortunately, there’s no saturation on the F9000. But, all in all, it’s a shame to have “just okay” sound on an otherwise great 4K TV. We still recommend hooking up an external speaker system or soundbar.


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