Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbar Review

Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbar for Home Theater and Streaming Music Review

Music will always be an important part of people’s lives. With all the noise and hullaballoo happening in the world right now, there is always some comfort and relaxation in listening to your favorite songs every now and then. When you have a home theater system, the whole experience can become better if you integrate a great soundbar that can change not only the way you listen to your favorite music but also when watching your favorite movies, series, TV shows and others. One of the best options you can find today is none other than the Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbar.

Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbar Overview

For those who have been following the interesting history of the Sonos company, you will know and recognize them as a leader and pioneer when it comes to creating music streaming products. The Sonos company was among the very best and very first to create products which stream music through the perfect combination of great software and hardware. Not too long ago, Sonos has added the Playbar to their product lineup, which is so far their first ever home theater company. After some time, the Sub, which was an add-on external subwoofer, was also designed with the purpose of enhancing the Playbar’s bass performance.

However, not many people are aware that Sonos is striving to limit the number of products that they release, up to the point that even a decade old Sonos product can also be updated to the newest software. This is because they would all of their consumers to have a wonderful user experience from both a software and sound standpoint. While the rest of the consumer electronics companies are busy in coming up with an array of new models every single year, Sonos is doing the exact opposite.

This very philosophy is shining through with their latest release which is the Sonos Playbase. The company has spent almost four years of research and development on this product.

Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbar Features

Sonos Playbase is a type of home theater which integrates with the amazing multi-room music system of Sonos. This connects through an optical cable to the TV and decodes Dolby Digital.

The Playbase comes with three tweeters, six midrange drivers, and a woofer that feeds a bass port referred to by the company as the S-tube. Its port snakes through its chassis which gives the unit the weighty bass response and passively cools the inner components.
Like other speakers from Sonos, the Playbase makes use of Wi-Fi for streaming music from dozens of network devices and services with the use of the proprietary whole home system of the company.

The Good About Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbar

  • Makes use of Sonos Trueplay acoustic tuning technology
  • Makes Has a height of 2.28 inches
  • Makes Can become a part of Sonos multi-room audio system

The Not So Good About Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Soundbar

  • Network audio and optical digital inputs only
  • No indicator of volume level

The Bottom Line
For all the TV owners who don’t want to mount their sets on a wall, the Sonos Playbase Wireless Soundbar is a rather elegant way of achieving an excellent sounding home theater system which is almost invisible, simple to use and super easy to install and set up.

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