LG Electronics 65UF9500 65-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV

LG Electronics 65UF9500 65-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV
LG Electronics 65UF9500 is one of the LG’s flagship line of 4K Ultra HD TVs for 2015. But, does this live up to its premium class status? Is it best for your needs?

LG Electronics 65UF9500 is not just an ordinary 4K UHD TV. It’s a premium class TV that comes with elegant appearance and beautifully sculptured to give you the highest possible level of viewing experience.

It features a glossy glass screen that helps deliver a sharper, clearer, and much transparent picture image, which also enables users to enjoy the maximum amount of picture quality. A lot of people prefer this kind of screen over the plastic design, which contains a matte finish that may provide you the image a dull appearance. However, the screen type of LG Electronics 65UF9500 is better at minimizing screen reflections as well as glare compared to its glossy counterpart.

LG Electronics 65UF9500 also comes with an IPS display panel and utilizes edge-lit backing lighting technology with the manufacturer’s own local dimming technology, which is referred to as LED Plus that the tech giant claims to offer greater contrast as well as better reproduction of black level.

The IPS panels are also known for its good off-axis viewing characteristics that’s better at minimizing color saturation loss and picture dimming in comparison to VA type display panels whenever viewing at wide angles. IPS panels are also recognized for their inability in producing deep black levels.

Remote Control
The Magic Remote control of LG Electronics 65UF9500 has been redesigned. It’s much bigger than its predecessor. Its size increase is primarily because of numerical keypad buttons. This remote control is also easy to use and offers a comfortable fit in one’s hand. Its also equipped with natural voice recognition and may be used as the point-and-click device for operating particular TV functions.

The Good
 New WebOS 2.0 Smart TV platform
 Bright picture image combined with unparalleled color detail, rendition, and clarity.
 HarmonKardon premium sound system
 3D capability
 Impressive 4K upscaling
 IPS display panel offers great side angle viewing with reduced color saturation loss

The Bad
 Expensive
 IPS panel robs the picture image of contrast and deep blacks.
 Shadow detail is very luminous.
 Poor contrast reproduction and black level when LED local dimming feature is always turned off.

LG 65UF9500 Spec
• 65 inches
• Weight: 65.2 lbs (with stand)
56.2 lbs (without stand)
• Dimensions: 57.3” X 35.3” X 9.8” (with stand)
57.3” X 33.3” X 1.9 (without stand)
• 1-yr limited warranty for labor and parts

The Verdict
LG Electronics 65UF9500 is considered as a state-of-the-art 4K UHD TV, which is best for anyone who wants a premium home entertainment. Although others have concerns about black level and contrast, it is still worth your investment as its features are world class and can guarantee you results. Those who love a dark home theater environment, this LG Electronics 65UF9500 is also a good choice as this provides you better black performance.

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