LG Electronics 60UF8500 60-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV

LG Electronics 60UF8500 60-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV
LG Electronics 60UF8500 is a mid-class of LG 60-inch 4K TV model of 2015. It’s a successor of last year’s LG UB8500, which is a success in the market, yet it’s not available in 60 inches. So, what is the difference of LG Electronics 60UF8500 to UB8500 and what are its features?

If you want to know about LG Electronics 60UF8500, it would be best to take a look at LG Electronics 60UF8500 review below for you to make a wise choice when shopping around for the best TV that would complement in your home entertainment area.

What LG Electronics 60UF8500 Offers?

• Picture Quality
Like its successor, LG Electronics 60UF8500 relied its performance on 4K IPS Panel as well as Tru 4K HD engine as the unit’s image processor. Aside from its side viewing angle, IPS Panel also improves the overall picture quality, which makes the pictures look much amazing. Also, LG Electronics 60UF8500 comes with LED Plus Technology, which is the local dimming technology that is designed to improve the black level of the picture. Its Tru-Color Generator makes the picture displayed looks real ones with vibrant and natural color.

• Motion Clarity
Ultra Clarity index is always part of the LG LED TV specifications, but LG Electronics 60UF8500 doesn’t have it. However, it features Tru Motion 240Hz as a replacement. This allows users to enjoy comfortably your favorite fast sports, movies, and some contents with tons of fast scenes.

• 3D Performance
In terms of 3D contents, the technology that’s used by LG Electronics 60UF8500 isn’t different from last year version, which is passive 3D technology. LG Electronics 60UF8500 also enables users to enjoy 3D media files in 4K resolution that’s free from flicker. Moreover, passive 3D technology provides the other advantages on their 3D glasses that are battery-free, cheaper, lighter, as well as more comfort to use.

The Good
 Tru Black Control and LED Plus produce strong contract with bright peak white and deed black level.
 IPS Panel offers clear picture quality and enhances side viewing angle.
 Its Tru Motion 240 delivers clear and smooth picture quality with virtually no blur during motion.
 Impressive sound performance, which is designed by HarmanKardon.
 3D contents in an impressive 4K resolution.
 WebOS 2.0 and its quad core processor provide comfort to operate as well as provide tons of interesting apps.

The Bad
 LG Electronics 60UF8500 price is a bit expensive.
 There are only two channel audio systems.

The Verdict
LG Electronics 60UF8500 may look like its successor UB8500 series, yet it comes with several improvement, which makes its performance better. Its LED plus is a great addition, which improves the picture’s contrast that displayed on 4K screen so it looks stronger with brighter peak white and deeper black level.
There are other things you will love and enjoy about LG Electronics 60UF8500. If you want a better version of UB8500 series, LG Electronics 60UF8500 is perfect for your needs!