LG Electronics 55EG9600 55-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Curved Smart OLED TV

LG Electronics 55EG9600 55-inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Curved Smart OLED TV
This new OLED TV is the television that most people are excited about. In fact, OLED TVs are considered as the technology of the future, yet with the curved LG Electronics 55EG9600, you can now enjoy what the future can offer to you.

LG Electronics 55EG9600 Features

• Black Levels and Color
Once you view LG Electronics 55EG9600 next to the 4K LED TV, the first thing you will notice is the infinite and immense OLED TV’s black levels. It’s true that 4K LED TVs may still pump out a brighter picture because of the amped up LED backlights, yet it is no comparison when it comes to depth of blacks. This is the main reason why many people are considering OLED TV compared to 4K LED.

• Passive 3D
Unparalleled 3D quality combined with OLED panel and 4K resolution sets the new standard to provide better performance.

• Sound Quality
LG places good focus on sound quality as well as realized that not all are going to go out and acquire a surround sound system or sound bar. With LG Electronics 55EG9600, it comes with HarmanKardon that is guaranteed to give you the best sound experience.

• Side Angle Viewing
Another highlight of LG Electronics 55EG9600 is its off center viewing contrast. This is ideal just like it was with a good plasma TV as each pixel is lit in an organic manner. That’s why there’s no backlight, which is the problem with the LED TVs. With LG Electronics 55EG9600, it has a perfect side angle viewing, allowing you to enjoy watching, regardless of your position.

The Good
LG Electronics 55EG9600 provides better picture that any plasma or LCD TV can provide. With its bright whites and perfect level of black, you can be assured that you will achieve better quality picture, making it suitable in both dark and bright rooms. LG Electronics 55EG9600 also comes with a striking design with organic curves and incomparable 0.25 inches depth.

The Bad
LG Electronics 55EG9600 isn’t cheap and quite more expensive than other TVs of its size. Its screen uniformity, video process, and color accuracy are not as impressive as the finest TVs. Its curved screen also introduces several artifacts and the unit itself lacks support for HDR sources through HDMI.

LG Electronics 55EG9600 Spec
• White subpixel added
• 4 Color Pixel WRGB

Is It Worth the Price?
LG Electronics 55EG9600 comes with a lot of features and known for better performance. That’s why you can be assured that it’s worth the price. But, this may still depend on your preferences or requirements for your home entertainment experience.

The Bottom Line
LG Electronics 55EG9600 may be expensive, but it delivers top notch picture quality. So, if you don’t care about the price and you want to enjoy the best picture quality, this LG Electronics 55EG9600 is a great choice. If you want to know more about this unit, reading LG Electronics 55EG9600 review can be beneficial, especially when making your final choice!