With the introduction of LG 4K TV series, you can say that the next generation of modern home entertainment is here. Until you see these units for yourself, it can be hard to imagine the flawless picture quality, which 8.3M pixels can offer you. Images are amazingly vivid and clear even when you are mere inches away. In fact, LG 4K Ultra HD TV is now considered as the new benchmark of the finest home entertainment. But, what makes LG 4K Ultra HD TV different?

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Whether you choose LG 4K OLED or LG curved 4K OLED, there are several things you will like about LG 4K Ultra HD TV. Some of these include:

• Premium Sound
LG 4K Ultra HD TV’s sound is just as exceptional as its display quality. Enjoy the most of your viewing experience with premium sound quality, which enhances your entertainment. Through its sound designed by kardon or Harman, the crisp multi-channel speaker system delivers the best sound quality to give you a powerful and refined audio experience.

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• 4K Picture Quality
LG 4K Ultra HD TV offers you the finest picture detail through its 8.3M pixels and 4 times the Full HD resolution. The IPS 4K Panel of these units are also specially designed to give you the chance to experience perfect clarity, wherever you want to watch TV.

• 4K Upscaler
This feature of LG 4K Ultra HD TV converts lower resolution media files to near 4K quality with the use of an exceptional six-step image processing technology. Therefore, whether you want to play movies, broadcasts, sports or more, you can enjoy them in an incredible detail.

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• IPS 4K Panel
LG 4K Ultra HD TV is built for quality and to make a difference. One of its secrets is a specially designed display panel, which delivers true color, regardless of your preferred angle.

• Tru-4K Engine Pro
This is the best resolution enhancer of LG, which upscales content for an exceptional picture quality on LG 4K Ultra HD TV. With this, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference. Moreover, all of the Blu-ray discs, TV programs, and DVDs will look amazing even if you have purchased the biggest TV.

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• Color Prime
LG 4K Ultra HD TV also comes with ColorPrime, which uses the Nano Spectrum Technology of LG. Blue LED is combined with green and red phosphors, plus thick filters for a much broader range of the available colors with great purity. This is a genuine advancement in Ultra HD picture quality.

With all the features of LG 4K Ultra HD TV mentioned above, it is not surprising why it is now becoming a popular choice, particularly to those who want to level up their home entertainment experience. If you are one of them, considering LG 4K Ultra HD TV as one of your choices can be a good idea. Just make sure to know your needs first as not all models may suit on your preferences. If you want to make a wise choice, it would be best to shop around and compare each unit.