Google Chromecast Or Amazon Fire TV Stick To Buy

Google Chromecast OR Amazon Fire TV Stick To Buy? In this page we are going to revisit both the Google Chromecast and the Amazon fire TV stick and ask the question – “Which one should you buy?”

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In a previous post we looked at the different features that you get with each one but now we want to talk about the actual services you get and the pros and cons of each one.

Both of the devices start off exactly the same the price is pretty much the same with the Chromecast costing $35, and $39 for the fire stick.

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They also both plug into a free HDMI port on your TV so in terms of setting up they are both pretty easy and equal.

The differences start with the remote where the Chromecast will not ship with the remote control and it works by launching the video and music apps on your phone, tablet or desktop in a chrome browser and then tapping a “Cast” button to launch the content on the television.

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You will also be able to mirror the screen from certain android devices with a couple of taps of course the downside will be that your battery will deplete fairly quickly.

With the fire TV stick you will get a remote included and this makes it a little bit easier to use. You simply plug it in, turn it on and then use the remote supplied to navigate what you want to watch.

The main difference comes between the two in the services that you will get the Chromecast will let you stream videos and music from Google play, but of course will not allow you to use Amazon prime. With the fire TV stick you will be able to use Amazon prime but you will not be able to use anything on Google play.

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In terms of the ease-of-use you might want to check out the fire TV stick if you are just going to use it to watch movies and media because the navigation is far easier than Google’s counterpart to navigate.

You will also find that Amazon has apps for Spotify, NFL now, Vimeo, A&E and PBS none of which will be able to find on the Google stick.

That said you will be able to find apps such as Nickelodeon, Vudu, HBO, Comedy Central and more on the Google stick.

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The choices really down to which service you will use more OR of course if you want a remote control included and of course you could also buy both!

Check out the fire TV stick and the Google Chromecast through the links below:

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