Best Soundbar For TV

Best Soundbar For TV

Hi I’m Lee with We’re here today taking a look at some of the sound bars you can get for under two hundred and fifty dollars sound bars have become sort of a necessity if you care a lot about audio quality when you’re watching TV. So back when we had big boxy TVs you could fit pretty big speakers in there.

Actually, some of the earliest TVs the screams and the speakers were like the same size cousin Stevie’s have gotten so thin the speakers have had to get smaller and smaller until most stock TV speakers just aren’t really very good.

If you’re one of those people who’s buying a really really nice high-end TV it’s usually assumed you’ll probably have something like a surround sound system. But if you’re just buying something for like the living room or even a bedroom but you want to have better sound to come with it that’s kind of where sound bars come in.

There like a and in between between the crappy TV speakers and you’re really good surround sound system and I think the biggest advantage is just this sort of a minimalism to it. It’s usually just one cable and one power solution if you wall mount your TV.

Almost any sound bar also has wall mount bracket so you can mount it right underneath and have a sort of neat compact video audio solution that doesn’t have you running wires all over the floor or over to speaker cabinets and things like that. One reason you might want a surround sound system instead of a sound bar is if you are doing something like Dolby Atmos. Or true surround sound because they are just a bar and just had that so well for the sound bar sort of.

To combine traditional left and right and center channels so you’ll get the subwoofer externalized but there’s a lot of options for placing the sound bar to imitate sort of a full room surround sound because everything’s sort of coming from the front all the time. You can pair some of them with external satellites but most of them don’t include them in.

So you have to buy those separately and eventually you’re getting in the price range of surround sound. Anyway if you’re interested in checking out some sound bars we actually just tested a whole bunch that are two hundred fifty dollars or less so head over to refute calm and check them out…

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