Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Roku

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs Roku – On this page we going to have another look at the Amazon fire TV stick and an alternative which is Roku streaming stick.

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We will explore some of the pros and cons of each streaming stick and give you a verdict on which one to go for.

If you are in a hurry we recommend that you check out the Roku streaming stick and the Amazon Fire TV Stick today at It is really tough running a comparison between these two sticks with the main problem being that the Fire stick is brand-new and has a lot of features that are yet to be released, and once those features are released it will probably be top dog.

However we also recommend checking out the Roku streaming stick as he gives you a huge range of features and has been released on enough to secure access to all of those features without having to wait.

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There is not streaming stick that is better – it is more whether you want to take a bit of a gamble on the fire TV stick and the fact that it is brand-new, so you might have to wait for some features. Or whether you want to go for a proven streaming stick and check out the Roku.

Roku Streaming Stick Vs Amazon Fire Tv Stick

taking a look at both of these you will get similar setups – both of these will give you streaming sticks that you plug into a spare HDMI port on your TV.

The similarities do not end there as by sticks will ship with a physical remote control which makes it a lot easier to control and navigate around the screen.

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Some people say that the Roku interface is a little bit easier to use as it is laid out as a series of apps and the fire TV stick can take a little bit of getting used to but still gives you an easy to navigate system.

The best thing about the Roku layout is the title search will bring up matches from several services so you can pick the cheapest movie, or TV show with ease. One of the downsides of the fire TV stick is that because it is Amazon it will tend to focus on the instant video option for movies and TV which of course is owned by Amazon so they want you to use that option.

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You will also get some of Amazon’s own catalog services such as Hulu,Plus, Crackle, Vevo and Showtime included and to see other services such as Netflix for instance you will have to search through the system, which is not difficult as mentioned above but it just makes it a little bit more tricky to access.

If you want to use the voice search you will need to download the apps – and you will find that the voice search is available for both the Roku and the fire stick.

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if you are looking to know which one to buy we would suggest checking out the fire TV stick if you do not mind being limited to android the minute. We think that it will expand but at the moment the fire TV stick will work with android.

If this is a problem than another safe bet is the Roku streaming stick which gives you all of the same features but you will be able to use if you are not on android.

Check out the fire TV stick and the Roku streaming stick below:


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