Amazon Fire TV Stick Features

Amazon Fire TV Stick – Main Features
In this post we are going to talk about the Amazon fire TV stick and some of the main reasons that you will want to check out. One of the main reasons is that it has just been released and there are a lot of upcoming features still to be released so you are able to get one of the top streaming sticks at a really low price and also get all of the updates as they are released.

The main features that you get with the Amazon fire TV stick is access to a lot of different apps that will enable you to watch the latest movies, and TV shows.
You will be up to get access to streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon instant video, hulu plus, Pandora, Spotify, Youtube, Vimeo and dozens more.

The other interesting thing about the fire TV stick is that you will be able to download lots of games that you can simply buy off of the marketplace. You can also opt to try a Amazon instant video trial and this will give you 30 day trial so you can watch some of the latest movies.

If you already subscribe to a lot of these services such as Netflix, Amazon instant video etc… Then you will love the Amazon fire TV stick. If you do not currently subscribed we recommend that you at least try Netflix so you will be able to access some premium content.

However you can also use the stick to access media freely and if you watch a lot of videos from YouTube for instance you can use it for this and play the videos on your TV.

You can also do other things with the fire TV stick such as in large all of your photos and send them direct to your TV screen and another really interesting thing that you can do is screencast. This means that if you have media on your phone that you want watch on the big screen you can send it through the fire TV stick and enlarge it on your TV!

This is a really good feature and with the fire TV stick being relatively new that are going to be new features that will be added in no doubt.

Check out the fire TV stick through the link below and see for yourself all of the top features.


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