Amazon Fire TV Or Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Or Amazon Fire TV Stick? – In this post we are going to look at two different Amazon products that do the same thing but they do so in a different package. You may be looking at the Amazon fire TV or the Amazon fire TV stick and wondering what the difference is?

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We want to that question in this post and tell you a bit about what you get with each one.

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Quick Read: if you are in a hurry we recommend that you check out the Amazon fire TV or the Amazon fire TV stick and the quick answer on which one to go for is all down to the processing power. If you want something that runs a little bit faster but will also take up a little bit more room then you can go for the Amazon fire TV.

If you want something that is a simple stick that plugs into the back of your TV to try out and it also has the benefits of being a little bit cheaper we recommend checking out the fire TV stick.

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Main Differences?

First main difference you will notice between the fire TV stick and the fire TV box is the price. You will be able to pick up the fire TV stick for just $40 whereas the box will cost roundabout $100.

The fire TV stick will also lack the optical out port and ethernet if you need to use that as a setup – but you will be able to get it with the Amazon fire TV box.

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The fire TV stick will also come without the voice function built-in and the controller has been stripped down a little bit. However you will be able to download an app that will allow you to use the voice search option.

The main difference in terms of function is with the box you will get a quad core processor which is very fast so the processing speed can make a difference in how fast the system responds however it also means that it will take up slightly more room.

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We recommend that if you are just testing out streaming sticks or indeed these sorts of services and you are not really sure whether you want to stick with Amazon the fire TV stick is an excellent way to test out the service and see what you are getting.

If you already know that you will be watching a lot of media, movies and TV shows that it is well worth checking out the box and paying a little bit extra as more of a permanent solution!

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